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Monday, April 23, 2007


Well, I might not have to get that video camera after all, because the amazing people who brought you HOW TO WRITE A BOOK: the movie have made DEATH AND THE AUTHOR: the movie based on an entry I wrote when I was writing Girl At Sea revisions in the hot English summer. Why should I make videos when I have people willing to film my blog entries, and willing to do it so well?

I love the people who made this movie. Free Monkey loves you too.

This movie took some of the sting away from the fact that the price of my accidentally putting my toes on my computer when I tripped is either $650 or $900, depending on the extent of the toe damage. Even worse: Apple needs to have Gilda for a week. A week! I can’t live without Gilda for an hour! I’m going to have to use a stupid rental computer.

The lesson in this seems to be: don’t trip. For me, this is obviously going to be a hard lesson to learn.

Anyway, because I have gotten this wonderful gift, I must give something back. So, I am announcing my GIRL AT SEA SIGNING MADNESS! Back at Christmas, I custom-made cards for anyone who asked. Well, if you are thinking of picking up a Girl At Sea when it comes out on June 1st, won’t you let me personalize it with a Girl At Sea card?

You will? Oh, thanks!

How do you get one? You write to me, and you include the following:


YOUR ADDRESS (don’t forget this—a lot of requests over the holidays came in without this vital piece of information)


I will start sending these out next month, about two weeks before the book comes out, and I will continue to send them all through the month of June. Or until I run out. So sign up now!

Also, this is a preliminary announcement of the currently top-secret FREE MONKEY AT SEA WORLD TOUR. Want to know before everyone else what this means? Sign up for my newsletter by entering your e-mail in the box on the right. Be the first to get the skinny on this exciting development.

Who is Free Monkey calling? Is it you?

By the way, thank you to the reader who let me know that my blog pops right up when you enter the search terms “dead body” and “Law and Order” in Google. No casting agents have gotten in touch with me yet, but I still believe. If I can get movies like this, anything can happen.

And thank you to all who have sent in questions for ASK AN AGENT. I will be recording with Daphne in the next few days, so get them in now if you have yet to ask. I still haven’t made up my mind about the video camera. Please leave your input on this matter below. More video blogs? What do YOU think?

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Blogger Becs said...

I think you should get the video camera!!!! Pleeeeeeease? Your Harrod's Caper was so cool. :D :D

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Jessica said...

I agree with Becs the Harrod's Caper was great. We all want more video blogs!!!

11:56 PM  
Anonymous kiersten said...

yes so wicked awsome! maybe if you make a video of yourself in a csi/ law and order type movie where you are the dead body and post it on your blog, youtube or other places, they will see your true potential of being a dead body. just a suggestion.

12:01 AM  
Anonymous kiersten said...

and im going to guess the monkey at sea will be a flat stanley type thing where free monkey goes on trips to all different people and they take pictures with him. i cant wait to see though. yeah newsletter!

1:27 AM  
Anonymous Becky said...

Ooh. Of course I want a personalized card! I'll ship (tee-hee) off my address and everything right after I post this. And I'll watch the video as soon as this song ends.

4:59 AM  
Anonymous Becky said...

I love those videos. =) Mind if I rip off a blog entry and make a movie? But then again, I don't have a video camera either. I do have a sewing machine, though... It goes very quickly. However, my dog is afraid of it.

I do tend to ramble a lot, don't I?

Anyway, absolutely hysterical, Maureen. As usual.

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Ally said...

I love your videos! They make my day. Whats even funnier is watching my sister's face when shes sitting here listining to video but not watching it..it's funny.

Please buy a video camera! Maureen should have a charity to raise money for a video camera..that would work probably..wait videos cost more than ten dollars right?..:(

6:56 AM  
Anonymous Liz said...

I think we all can agree that The Great Harrods Caper decreased WorldSuck...and more MJ videos would decrease is MORE! Think John and Hank would foot the camera and camera repair (just in case) bill for their Secret Sister? (Or maybe John would lend his camera to his Secret Sister for a few hours?) Just a thought.

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Danica said...

I'd have to say that paying the money for a video camera would be worth it. I am loving the video blogs. Plus, how awesome would it be to be Hank and John Green's Secret Sister??

Answer: Very awesome.

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Dawn said...

You really do need to be the Brotherhood's secret sister. So, yes, MORE VIDEOS!!!

And that Death and the Author video is made of awesome. ;)

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Ashley L. said...

Video blog! Video blog!
But keep up with the blog entries too, because I am covertly reading your entire blog from the beginning when I'm at work pretending to proofread or work on projects. I don't like work. I do like blogs. I would love a video blog even more, too.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Jennifer Lynn Barnes said...

Is it sad/ironic if I keep watching the Death and the Author video instead of working on the draft I have due on Tuesday?

3:09 AM  
Anonymous nuwon wearspants said...

You're a great writer. When I am a writer, I hope to have an awesome blog like yours. Your blog is my favorite authors blog. My favorite video blog is John Green's. You two are top notch people. = ) Thank you for being so awesome. Please keep on writing to dreamers like myself. Stay cool - stay refridgerated!

4:53 AM  
Anonymous Jill said...

You should most definatly get a video camera!!! The life of Maureen Johnson, The video!

Awesome entry Maureen, very great! Oh and if you do get the video camera, just make sure your foot doesn't connect with it. Till next entry!!

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Nuwon Wearspants said...

The video camera song!

Oh camera, you're the one
You make recording so much fun
Oh camera, please be mine
I will record with you until I run out of time
We will capture footage everywhere
Even Free Monkey in its underwear

Oh camera, you're the one
You make recording so much fun
Record for me every-thing you see
Get footage of a Girl At Sea
But don't fall in the chlorine
Or I'll be a sad Maureen

Take video
Take video
Take video
For me!!!

(C) nuwon wearspants

4:29 AM  
Anonymous Ally said...

RUBBER DUCKY!!! :) someone watched seseme street!! haha i liked elmo

6:26 AM  
Blogger Little Willow said...

Hilarious - and with a cat!


8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha, I feel special now since I was the one who mentioned the dead body Google thing. Amusing videos, by the way. (I love reading this blog--so giggle-worthy.) Good luck with the dead body thing!

7:30 PM  

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