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Sunday, July 02, 2006

mj desk exclusives, with zombies

When I wrote my last post, I was so distracted by the rats and zombies floating around my e-mail that I didn’t immediately notice the content. Once I read the notes, I realized I had missed something pretty fundamental.

“Books,” I said to myself. “No one was asking me about rats or zombies. They were asking about books.”

So, it’s time for MJ’S COMPLETE BOOK UPDATE. Read all the way down for EXCLUSIVES! Yes! News!

First and foremost . . . .

Release date: September 7th

Devilish is very much on its way. Basically, the minute summer is over and school starts, it will appear in your bookstore all spooky-like, much like the face of a zombie suddenly reflected in your toaster. The time will suddenly be upon you, and you will have to act.

I haven’t said much (if anything) about what Devilish is about. All that is about to change. Read on.

What it’s about:

At St. Teresa’s Preparatory School for Girls in Providence, Rhode Island, rebellious senior class genius Jane Jarvis is worried about her best friend Allison Concord. Ally is lovable, but a little clueless, and badly in need of Jane’s help. She needs to get a freshman “sister” at the school’s annual Big-Little celebration. When Ally blows it (rather literally), Jane knows that they are in for a rough few weeks.

She has no idea just how rough they will be.

Strange things start happening in Providence. Hail storms rip into the city. A strangely polite gourmet in a silver roadster turns up every time Jane turns around. A freshman guy from neighboring St. Sebastian’s starts to stalk her. A lanky, cupcake-loving sophomore transfer steps into their lives to save the day . . .

Then Ally begins to change. She looses the awkwardness that Jane has always known and loved and becomes the model of cool. Before long, Jane winds up facing the threat of expulsion and ruin.

But these are only the beginnings of much bigger problems. Jane’s life is about to get much worse. Ally claims that she sold her soul, and Jane throws herself on the line to get it back. But this battle is big. A crowd of strangers is about to descend on Providence, and they’re not there to go on a campus tour of Brown.

It’s Jane versus the demons, and nothing is what it seems. There will be perfume bottles, dogs, explosions, dancing, death, badly misused textbooks, ex-boyfriends, very long falls, unusual weaponry, and lots of sugary snacks before it’s all over.

Hey, you do what you have to do. Everyone knows high school is hell.

Looking for more? I’ll give sneak peaks as the release date gets closer. Plus, watch this site for signing dates and other Devilish-related events come September and October. This fall, I will be getting my demon on.

Need the very first copy? Order it now at Amazon, B&N, or your local bookstore.

13 Little Blue Envelopes, paperback edition
Release date: September 26th

The same Ginny you know and love, in a lighter, easier to throw edition. (Note: a paperback won’t probably won’t hurt a zombie, but if you aim right and throw hard, you might distract one long enough to make your escape.)

The paperback includes extras! Bonus tracks! Okay, it’s mostly me talking about how the book was written and where it comes from, but it’s handy for book reports.

And now . . . an MJ BOOKS EXCLUSIVE!

The next book is entitled Girl At Sea. I’m still working on it, so it’s all a secret right now. But if you liked 13 Little Blue Envelopes, you’re in good shape.

Release date: to be announced, but it should be Summer, 2007

The cover is still on the drawing board, but you can see it here first as soon as it’s ready.

In the meantime, keep on with the zombie-watch. Like my hero Shaun (of the Dead), we must all be ready to act quickly when they come.

Be like Shaun. Be ready.


Anonymous Chelsea said...

That last picture is gold. :)

You are very, very funny.

10:00 AM  

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