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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Live from New York . . . it's a NEW BLOG

Welcome to 2006! The New York mj office is back open for business!

It’s been a while again! How are you? Have you found any more good cups of joe? Write to me at maureen@maureenjohnsonbooks.com and tell me about them! I am still working on the Coffee Map of America.

I left the London office just in time to get back for the New York transit strike. I did a three hour walk in the freezing cold and battled for cabs for one day—and then I resigned myself to being stuck in my apartment. Right after Christmas, I was in Switzerland. I had been invited to join a friend’s family there. So I spent New Year’s Eve:

learning to ski with an insane man named Jean-Claude
on top of an Alp
in a blizzard

After that, I was frolicking with a wonderful bunch of British people—and we all rang in the new year in the snow, dancing around in the street of a small Swiss mountain village with a large group of strangers, while fireworks erupted overhead. People were chilling their champagne bottles in the snow. It was pretty fabulous. That is, until we got into a playful snowball fight with the people across the street, which turned into a snowball war. I took a snowball to the head and retreated to hide under a heat lamp. The whole thing ended when the people from across the street came over and threatened to beat people up unless the snowball fight ceased. That’s when Oscar Gingersnort and I (oh yes, the intrepid OG was there) ran away.

So, what to do with 2006, now that it is here?


Yes, friends, I plan on posting in 2006. Part of what slowed me in 2005 was a minor technical issue. That has been resolved. The other part was that I was busy writing a book. Now this blog is a part of Blogger, which means I can update it easily.

2. Finish up Devilish

The new book, Devilish, is almost complete. I am (quite literally) putting the finishing touches on it now, much to the joy of my editors. It should appear in stores somewhere around August or September . . . but I’ll keep you updated. Trust me. You’ll be hearing more about Devilish soon.

3. Write the NEW BOOK

Work has already begun on the next book. I have a policy of not revealing any details until I’m well underway—but I think if you liked 13 Little Blue Envelopes, you won’t be disappointed. I will say that it involves the ocean, exploration, and a historical mystery. I’ve said too much . . .

Before I allow any more time to go by, let me post this on my new Blogger page.